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Title: Smoked vs dry-cured alentejano and white pig loins
Other Titles: Lomos de cerdo Alentejano y blanco ahumados vs curados
Authors: Silva, Bárbara
Carvalho, Maria João
Ferro Palma, Silvina
Keywords: Sensory analysis
Fatty acid
Indexação Scopua
Issue Date: Apr-2018
Publisher: Universidad de Cordoba, Servicio de Publicaciones
Abstract: This study aim is to evaluate the characteristics of both types of pig loins from Alentejano and White pigs, manufactured with distinguish processes, taking in account that smoked technology is most appreciated in Portugal, than in the other European countries, whom preferences stands in cured products by drying technology. In the study, 6 Alentejano pigs, crossbred at 50% with Duroc and reared in free-range system, classified as class 2 by decree-law nº95/2014, and 6 crossbreed White pigs, reared in intensive system were used, weighting 120 kg and 100 kg, respectively, after slaughtering. The loins processing was in “Salsicharia Estremocense Lda”. The evaluation between Alentejano breed and White crossbreed loins, smoked and dry-cured, were made physical and chemical analysis (pH, aW, WHC, moisture content, ash, fat, protein, TBARS, TVB-N) and sensory analysis (QDA).No significant differences were showed in pH, moisture and WHC in the loins processed by the two technologies, as well as in the nutritional value. Lipid profile also had not shown significant differences, nor even due to the breed neither to the technology, however it should be highlighted that the Alentejano loins had an amount of 13% fat while the Exotic loins had shown 8% fat content. The TVB-N content was higher in Alentejano loins, for both technologies, and TBARS varies along the processing, however this parameter didn’t distinguish the different technologies.There were significant differences between the breeds and the technologies in sensory color and bitter taste. The sensory analysis heightens, in the two breeds, the smoked technology, and thus the panellists overall acceptability.
Peer reviewed: yes
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.21071/az.v67iSupplement.3243
ISSN: 1885-4494
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