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Title: Aspect-oriented specification: a case study in space domain
Authors: Agostinho, Sérgio
Moreira, Ana
Marques, André
Araújo, João
Ferreira, Ricardo
Raminhos, Ricardo
Ribeiro, Rita
Brito, Isabel
Chevalley, Philippe
Keywords: XML
metadata repository
aspect-oriented software development
requirements analysis
early aspects
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Abstract: Aspect-oriented software development claims to improve several software engineering principles, such as modularization, abstraction and composition. The Aspect for the Space Domain project (ASSD) developed a metadata-driven approach for aspect-oriented requirements analysis. The main objectives of the ASSD project, funded by the European Space Agency, were to study the applicability and usefulness of aspect-orientation for the space domain (ground segment software projects in particular), focusing on the early stages of the software development life cycle. Therefore, this paper describes a rigorous representation for requirements analysis concepts, refines an approach for handling early aspects, and proposes a client/server architecture based on a metadata repository. The ASSD approach has been validated with two space domain case studies.
Peer reviewed: yes
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