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Title: On the verification of non-autonomous Petri net models using autonomous petri net tools
Authors: Barros, João Paulo
Gomes, Luis
Costa, Aniko
Keywords: Petri Net
Issue Date: Oct-2012
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: [IEEE style] J. P. Barros, L. Gomes, A. Costa, and I. I. E. Society, "On the Verification of Non-autonomous Petri Net Models Using Autonomous Petri Net Tools," 38th Annual Conference on Ieee Industrial Electronics Society (Iecon 2012), pp. 6138-6143, 2012 2012.
Abstract: This paper shows how to transform the input part of a class of non-autonomous Petri net models into behaviorally equivalent autonomous models. To that end, it proposes a set of transformations and compositions to replace non-autonomous annotations by structurally equivalent net modules. The resulting model can be analyzed by existing tools for autonomous Place/Transition nets supporting a maximal step semantics and, preferably, priorities in transitions. This possibility was tested using a freely available analysis tool for Place/Transition nets.
Peer reviewed: yes
ISBN: 978-146732421-2
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