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Title: Therapeutic futility in nursing: A focus group
Authors: Vieira, João Vítor
Deodato, S.
Mendes, F.
Keywords: Critical care nursing
Intensive care units
Issue Date: 31-Oct-2022
Publisher: SAGE
Citation: Vieira, J., Deodato, S. & Mendes, F. (2022). Therapeutic futility in nursing: A focus group. SAGE Open Nursing, 8, 1-8.
Abstract: Introduction: The implementation of futile nursing interventions seems to be a persistent problem in adult intensive care units. Understanding this phenomenon can contribute to its prevention and all deleterious effects associated with it. Objective: To identify the perceptions of expert nurses from adult intensive care units about therapeutic futility in nursing. Methods: This study consists of a conventional content analysis. Data was collected through a focus group interview that included five expert nurses in adult intensive care, with a minimum of fifteen years of professional experience in intensive care. To analyze the information, the technique of thematic categorical analysis was used, according to Bardin. Results: Four central categories were identified for the topic under study, for which several subcategories were identified that allow a better understanding of this phenomenon. Conclusion: Adult intensive care expert nurses advocate that therapeutic futility in nursing is a reality perceived by teams and families, which should be avoided due to the risk of potentiating the implementation of ethically reprehensible care.
Peer reviewed: yes
ISSN: 2377-9608
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