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Title: Preservation under pressure (hyperbaric storage) at 25ºC, 30ºC and 37ºC of a highly perishable dairy food and comparison with refrigeration
Authors: Duarte, R.V.
Moreira, S.A.
Fernandes, P.A.R.
Fidalgo, Liliana G.
Santos, M.D.
Queirós, R.P.
Santos, D.I.
Delgadillo, I.
Saraiva, J.A.
Keywords: Food preservation
High pressure
Hyperbaric storage
Whey cheese
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: Duarte, R., Moreira, S., Fernandes, P., Fidalgo, L., Santos, M., Queirós, R., Santos, D., Delgadillo, I. & Saraiva, J. (2015). Preservation under pressure (hyperbaric storage) at 25°C, 30°C and 37°C of a highly perishable dairy food and comparison with refrigeration. CyTA - Journal of Food, 13(3), 321-328.
Abstract: Hyperbaric storage (HS) under mild pressure of requeijão, a traditional Portuguese whey cheese, as a case study of a highly perishable dairy food, was evaluated as a possible energy costless alternative to refrigeration. Whey cheese was stored for 4 and 8 hours, at different pressure levels (0.1, 100 and 150 MPa) and temperatures (25°C, 30°C and 37°C), and the results were compared with refrigeration (4°C). Microbial analyses showed that storage for 4 hours at 100 MPa was able to maintain microbial counts similar to refrigeration and initial load, ≈3 Log10 CFU/g, at all tested temperatures. By increasing the pressure to 150 MPa and the storage time to 8 hours, microbial loads were reduced to undetectable counts, with the exception for total aerobic mesophiles that were reduced to about ≈1 Log unit. HS in general maintained pH, water activity and lipid oxidation values, at levels similar to that in refrigeration.
Peer reviewed: yes
ISSN: 1947-6337
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