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Title: Removal efficiency of pharmaceutical metabolite caffeine by Vetiveria zizanioidesin a vertical flow constructed wetland VFCW
Authors: Almeida, A.
Calado, M.
Catarino, A.
Castanheira, I.
Ribeiro, C.
Carvalho, F.
Prazeres, A.
Chaves, Humberto
Keywords: Removal efficiency of caffeine
Vetiveria zizanioides
Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: Gdansk University of Technology
Citation: Almeida, A., Calado, M., Catarino, A., Castanheira, I., Ribeiro, C., Carvalho, F., Prazeres, A., Chaves, H. (2016). Removal efficiency of pharmaceutical metabolite caffeine by Vetiveria zizanioidesin a Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland VFCW. 15th IWA International Conference on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control, 4-9 September, Gdańsk, Polska. Conference Proceedings, p.39-40. Vol. 1. Conference organized by International Water Association, Gdańsk University of Technology, University of Live Science Lublin, Bialystok University of Technology, Halmstad University, Warsaw University of Live Science SGGW, Gdansk Water Utilities GIWK. ISBN 83-60261-14-8. EAN 9788360261149.
Peer reviewed: yes
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