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Title: The importance of infographics and graphic brand in the mediatisation of Natural and Cultural Heritage
Authors: Santos, Cristina Pires dos
Neto, Maria João Pereira
Keywords: Infographics
Natural and Cultural Heritage
Wayfinding systems
Cultural Tourism
Issue Date: 13-Oct-2017
Abstract: An attractive Heritage presentation is known to be crucial for the successful mediatisation of Natural and Cultural Heritage. New infographic technologies and audiovisual languages can accomplish this by communicating complex processes into simple, understandable information, thus providing a high-quality cultural experience to visitors. Defining a strong graphic mark helps to uniformise these processes, allowing a connection to be made between communication materials and local signage. Heritage signage such as wayfinding systems should additionally convey a strong message that reinforces a local’s cultural brand. This study highlights the importance of infographics and graphic identity in the interpretation, presentation and dissemination of Natural and Cultural Heritage, and in prompting visitors to direct their attention more closely to the singularities and distinct Heritage aspects of a place. Here, we analyse the role of the Designer as an information and communication catalyst and in disseminating and preserving the memory of different Heritage specificities through the graphic objects he/she produces. We also assess how graphic brand and infographics contribute to better structuring, clarifying and “visualizing” information, and emphasize how this is critical to the understanding of all aspects of a patrimonial destination. Through a theoretical reflection and presentation of case studies, e.g. the work of Frida Larios, Peter Grundy or Anyforms, or the Downtown Brooklyn wayfinding system, we strengthen guidelines that we think are determinant for the way Heritage is perceived and informed to the public, further improving systems and processes used for integrating graphic identity and infographics into communication materials.
Peer reviewed: yes
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