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Title: Rape oil transesterification over heterogeneous catalysts
Authors: Encinar, J.
González, J.
Pardal, Ana
Martínez, G.
Keywords: Transesterification
Rape oil
Heterogeneous catalyst
KNO3/CaO catalyst
Biodiesel characterization
Issue Date: Nov-2010
Citation: Encinar, J.M., González, J.F., Pardal, A., Martínez, G. (2010).Rape oil transesterification over heterogeneous catalysts. Fuel Processing Technology, 91 (11), 1530-1536.
Abstract: This work studies the application of KNO3/CaO catalyst in the transesterification reaction of triglycerides with methanol. The objective of the work was characterizing the methyl esters for its use as biodiesel in compression ignition motors. The variables affecting the methyl ester yield during the transesterification reaction, such as, amount of KNO3 impregnated in CaO, the total catalyst content, reaction temperature, agitation rate, and the methanol/oil molar ratio, were investigated to optimize the reaction conditions. The evolution of the process was followed by gas chromatography, determining the concentration of the methyl esters at different reaction times. The biodiesel was characterized by its density, viscosity, cetane index, saponification value, iodine value, acidity index, CFPP (cold filter plugging point), flash point and combustion point, according to ISO norms. The results showed that calcium oxide, impregnated with KNO3, have a strong basicity and high catalytic activity as a heterogeneous solid base catalyst. The biodiesel with the best properties was obtained using an amount of KNO3 of 10% impregnated in CaO, a methanol/oil molar ratio of 6:1, a reaction temperature of 65 °C, a reaction time of 3.0 h, and a catalyst total content of 1.0%. In these conditions, the oil conversion was 98% and the final product obtained had very similar characteristics to a no. 2 diesel, and therefore, these methyl esters might be used as an alternative to fossil fuels.
Peer reviewed: yes
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