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Title: Postural stability in pre-pubertal school children: sex and maturity-associated variation
Authors: Marta, Carlos
Esteves, Pedro
Alves, Ana Ruivo
Marinho, Daniel Almeida
Izquierdo, Mikel
Marques, Mário
Keywords: Postural balance
Physical education
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Abstract: Prepubescent children experience a dynamic developmental period marked by rapid changes in body size, shape and composition, whose magnitude depends on sex and maturity status. The purpose of this study was to analyze sex and maturity- associated variation on the postural stability at a time of rapid changes such as the pre-pubertal growth spurt. This was a cross-sectional study involving 312 children (10.8 ± 0.4 years), 152 boys and 160 girls, who were self-assessed as belonging to Tanner stages I (n= 209) and II (n=103). Postural balance control was evaluated using the single-legged flamingo balance test. Anthropometric and morphological measurements were also carried out. The more biologically mature prepubescent children expressed higher weight, body mass index, body fat percentage and endomorphic component than the less mature. However, no advantage of biologically mature children in postural stability was found compared with their less mature peers. Interestingly, girls outperformed boys in the postural stability test, but no interaction between sex and maturity status was observed. The particularity of anthropometric and morphological changes in the pre-pubertal growth spurt, together with sensorial (i.e., vestibular system) and environmental influences, may have influenced the impact of maturity status on postural stability. This could be considered important to teachers and coaches to adapt practical tasks related to maturity status and sex.
Peer reviewed: yes
ISSN: 2183-7783
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