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Title: Biodiesel by transesterification of rapeseed oil using ultrasound: A kinetic study of base-catalysed reactions
Authors: Encinar, José
Pardal, Ana
Sánchez, Nuria
Nogales, Sérgio
Keywords: Fatty acid methyl ester
Iodine value
Acidity index
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: MDPI AG
Abstract: The objective of this work was to study the acceleration that ultrasound causes in the rate of biodiesel transesterification reactions. The effect of different operating variables, such as ultrasound power, catalyst (KOH) concentration and methanol:oil molar ratio, was studied. The evolution of the process was followed by gas chromatography, determining the concentration of methyl esters at different reaction times. The biodiesel was characterized by its density, viscosity, saponification and iodine values, acidity index, water content, flash and combustion points, cetane index and cold filter plugging point (CFPP), according to EN 14214 standard. High methyl ester yield and fast reaction rates were obtained in short reaction times. Ultrasound power and catalyst concentration had a positive effect on the yield and the reaction rate. The methanol:oil molar ratio also increased the yield of the reaction, but negatively influenced the process rate. The reaction followed a pseudo-first order kinetic model and the rate constants at several temperatures were determined. The activation energy was also determined using the Arrhenius equation. The main conclusion of this work is that the use of ultrasound irradiation did not require any additional heating, which could represent an energy savings for biodiesel manufacture.
Peer reviewed: yes
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.3390/en11092229
ISSN: 1996-1073
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