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Title: Main path to learning using interactive adjustable software
Authors: Rodrigues, Elsa
Moreno, José
Orientador: Moreno, José
Keywords: methodologies
Indexação ISI
Issue Date: 16-Nov-2009
Publisher: IATED
Abstract: “Words and Words” is the result of the development for an Adaptable the Interactive Model for education that is based on adaptable interactive method for oriented education, also developed into the context of this investigation project. This model has the objective to support teachers and students in the education learning process, inside classroom space. For such, we had to define the following objectives: 1. Systemize a set of activities related with the process of ergonomic analysis of the tasks; 2. To develop an interactive, evolutive and adaptable model in the process education learning: a) Adaptable to the different participants of the learning process, nominated, students and teachers; b) Evolution, in the direction of, to the measure that the students learns concepts, exists the possibility “to pass to” more advanced concepts. To reach these objectives, the detailed study of some methodologies for the software development related with pedagogical aspects (Reeves, Bloom, Costa), ergonomic (Human Interface Computer, User Interface Designer, Bastien and Scapin), some norms ISO, namely ISO/IEC 9126, ISO 9241 and of evaluation of the quality of the same (McCall and Boehm, Hybrid model, Heuristically of Nielsen). Our challenge consisted of relating these methodologies, in the process to teach in a “interactive, ergonomic and adaptable form” using the technologies of information and communication (TICs). So that such was possible, we decide to divide this analysis in two groups: • Group - teacher; • Group - student. We could finally verify the specific needs of each group and what exists in common. Really what we have in common in these two groups are the TICs and the question is how to use them in the process to teach and learn, to reach our proposed objectives. The results had been extremely rewarding, therefore they proved the importance to have adaptable software directed to the difficulties of each student, and they interest facing the interactivity and programs contents. On the other hand, the teachers had noticed an evolution in the cognitive level of the students, memorization and dexterity of movements. We can affirm that our goal has been reached after following the strategy based on cross-work methodology.
Peer reviewed: yes
ISBN: 978-84-613-2953-3
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