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dc.contributor.authorBarros, João Paulo-
dc.contributor.authorGomes, Luís-
dc.description.abstractThis papers proposes a translation from IOPT nets, a class of non-autonomous Petri nets, to Place/Transition nets. The translation removes most of the non-autonomous extensions in IOPT net models using a set of behaviorally equivalent submodels. The resulting model is complemented by additional models, which specify the non-autonomous parts, namely signals and events. All models are composed together using net addition, a composition operator. The translation allows the application of analysis and verification Place/Transition tools to IOPT net models. The translation preserves the initial model structure allowing a mapping between the generated model and the initial one, and brings to evidence the level of compactness made possible by IOPT nets.pt_PT
dc.subject.classificationFos 2.2pt_PT
dc.subject.classificationCNAEF 481, 523pt_PT
dc.titleTowards the use of Place/Transition net tools for analysis of IOPT modelspt_PT
degois.publication.title2014 IEEE 23rd International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE)pt_PT
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