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Title: On the use of programming languages for textual specification of Petri Net Models
Authors: Barros, João Paulo
Gomes, Luís
Keywords: Petri nets
Programming languages
Textual languages
Issue Date: Oct-2007
Citation: Barros, J.P., & Gomes, L. (2007). Petri Net Newsletter (Newsletter of the Special Interest Group on Petri Nets and Related System Models, 73, 11-25.
Abstract: As a general interchange format for Petri net models, the Petri Net Markup Language (PNML) allows the specification of Petri net models for all Petri net classes. Those models are typically generated by graphical editors for each Petri net type. Yet, there is no general way to specify Petri net models in a human-friendly textual notation. Instead of proposing a standard for such textual notation, this paper proposes the use of popular general purpose programming languages for the creation and modification of net models defined using PNML. To that end, the paper presents a model for the concepts, and the respective inter- relations, that should be available to define Petri net models in a compact textual format. After, it presents a general framework to specify model composition, using node fusion, for any Petri net class. The framework allows the specification of node fusions and node refinements based on the specification of fusions for each node and net label. The labels’ fusions are defined through the implementation of an abstract data type for the respective Petri net type definition. This allows a general support for model structuring, where several well-known graphical conveniences, e.g. node references and synchronous channels, can be supported and seen as particular cases.
Description: O presente artigo revê e aprofunda o artigo intitulado Towards a Human-Friendly Textual Language for Petri Nets, apresentado no Workshop on Petri Net Standards 2007.
Peer reviewed: yes
ISSN: 0931-1084
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