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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Jun-2016Quality assessment of a battery of organic wastes and composts Using maturity, stability and enzymatic parameters20.500.12207/4511Alvarenga, Paula; Mourinha, C.; Farto, M.; Palma, Patrícia; Sengo, J.; Morais, M.; Cunha-Queda, C.articleclosedAccess
Mar-2009Reclamation of a mine contaminated soil using biologically reactive organic matrices20.500.12207/581Alvarenga, Paula; Gonçalves, Ana Paula; Fernandes, Rosa Maria; Varennes, Amarillas de; Duarte, Elizabeth; Cunha-Queda, Ana Cristina; Vallini, GiovanniarticleclosedAccess
Mar-2017Recycling organic wastes to agricultural land as a way to improve its quality: A field study to evaluate benefits and risks.20.500.12207/4506Alvarenga, Paula; Palma, Patrícia; Mourinha, C.; Farto, M.; Dôres, J.; Patanita, Manuel; Sousa, J. P.articleclosedAccess
Oct-2014Root biomass production in populations of six rooted macrophytes in response to Cu exposure: Intra-specific variability versus constitutive-like tolerance20.500.12207/742Marchand, L.; Nsanganwimana, F.; Lamy, J.; Quintela-Sabaris, C.; Gonnelli, C.; Colzi, I.; Fletcher, T.; Oustrière, N.; Kolbas, A.; Kidd, P.; Bordas, F.; Newell, P.; Alvarenga, Paula; Deletic, A.; Mench, M.articleinfo:eu-repo/semantics/closedAccess
Sep-2009Selenite resistant rhizobacteria stimulate SeO32– phytoextraction by Brassica juncea in bioaugmented water-filtering artificial beds20.500.12207/579Lampis, Silvia; Ferrari, Anita; Cunha-Queda, A. Cristina F.; Alvarenga, Paula; Gregorio, Simona Di; Vallini, GiovanniarticleclosedAccess
Feb-2015Sewage sludge, compost and other representative organic wastes as agricultural soil amendments: benefits versus limiting factors20.500.12207/4387Alvarenga, Paula; Mourinha, Clarisse; Farto, Márcia; Santos, Teresa; Palma, Patrícia; Sengo, Joana; Morais, Marie-Christine; Cunha-Queda, Cristinaarticleinfo:eu-repo/semantics/closedAccess
Feb-2014Spatial and temporal variability of the water and sediments quality in the Alqueva reservoir (Guadiana Basin; southern Portugal)20.500.12207/537Palma, Patrícia; Ledo, L.; Soares, Sofia; Barbosa, I.R.; Alvarenga, PaulaarticleclosedAccess
Sep-2013A study on As, Cu, Pb and Zn (bio)availability in an abandoned mine area (São Domingos, Portugal) using chemical and ecotoxicological tools20.500.12207/553Alvarenga, Paula; Laneiro, Cátia; Palma, Patrícia; Varennes, Amarilis de; Cunha-Queda, CristinaarticleclosedAccess
2019Trends in water quality in the Alqueva irrigation area and its potential effects on soil structure and on crop yields20.500.12207/5114Tomaz, Alexandra; Palma, Patrícia; Alvarenga, Paula; Gonçalves, Maria da ConceiçãolectureopenAccess
Oct-2019Use of wastes from the pulp and paper industry for the remediation of soils degraded by mining activities: Chemical, biochemical and ecotoxicological effects20.500.12207/5209Alvarenga, Paula; Rodrigues, Débora; Mourinha, Clarisse; Palma, Patrícia; Verennes, Amarilis; Cruz, Nuno; Tarelho, Luís; Rodrigues, SóniaarticleembargoedAccess
2011Utilização de Lolium Perenne L. na fitoestabilização controlada de solos degradados por actividades mineiras20.500.12207/728Alvarenga, Paula; Fernandes, Rosa Maria; Varennes, Amarilis de; Vallini, Giovanni; Duarte, Elizabeth; Cunha-Queda, Ana Cristinaarticleinfo:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess