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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Sep-2016Assessment of the effects of the carbamazepine on the endogenous endocrine system of Daphnia magna20.500.12207/4505Oropesa, A.; Floro, António; Palma, PatríciaarticleclosedAccess
Jul-2009Assessment of the pesticides atrazine, endosulfan sulphate and chlorpyrifos for juvenoid-related endocrine activity using Daphnia magna20.500.12207/572Palma, Patrícia; Palma, V.; Matos, C.; Fernandes, R.; Bohn, A.; Soares, A.; Barbosa, I.articleclosedAccess
May-2015Assessment of trace element pollution and its environmental risk to freshwater sediments influenced by anthropogenic contributions: The case study of Alqueva reservoir (Guadiana Basin)20.500.12207/4377Palma, Patrícia; Ledo, Lídia; Alvarenga, Paulaarticleinfo:eu-repo/semantics/closedAccess
Mar-2010Assessment of water quality in the Alqueva Reservoir (Portugal) using bioassays20.500.12207/535Rodríguez Pérez, Joanne; Loureiro, Susana; Menezes, Salomé; Palma, Patrícia; Fernandes, Rosa; Barbosa, Isabel; Soares, AmadeuarticleclosedAccess
1-Oct-2016Beneficial use of dewatered and composted Sewage Sludge as soil amendments: Behaviour of metals in soils and their uptake by plants.20.500.12207/4509Alvarenga, Paula; Farto, M.; Mourinha, C.; Palma, PatríciaarticleclosedAccess
7-Jun-2018Chemical and ecotoxicological effects of the use of drinking-water treatment residuals for the remediation of soils degraded by mining activities20.500.12207/4752Alvarenga, Paula; Ferreira, Cristina; Mourinha, Clarisse; Palma, Patrícia; de Varennes, Amaŕilis D.A.articleClosedAccess
1-Sep-2018Ecological and ecotoxicological responses in the assessment of the ecological status of freshwater systems: A case-study of the temporary stream Brejo of Cagarrão (South of Portugal)20.500.12207/4753Palma, Patrícia; Matos, Cláudia; Alvarenga, Paula; Köck-Schulmeyer, Marianne; Simões, Isabel; Barceló, Damiá; López de Alda, MirienarticleembargoedAccess
Apr-2016Ecotoxicological assessment of the potential impact on soil porewater, surface and groundwater from the use of organic wastes as soil amendments.20.500.12207/4508Alvarenga, Paula; Mourinha, C.; Farto, M.; Palma, Patrícia; Sengo, J.; Morais, M.-C.; Cunha-Queda, C.articleclosedAccess
Jan-2018Ecotoxicological efficiency of advanced ozonation processes with TiO2 and black light used in the degradation of carbamazepine20.500.12207/4754Oropesa, Ana Lourdes; Beltrán, Fernando Juan; Floro, António Miguel; Sagasti, Juan José Pérez; Palma, PatríciaarticleembargoedAccess
Jan-2016Ecotoxicological endpoints, are they useful tools to support ecological status assessment in strongly modified water bodies?20.500.12207/4507Palma, Patrícia; Ledo, L.; Alvarenga, PaulaarticleclosedAccess
2009Effects of atrazine and endosulfan sulphate on the ecdysteroid system of Daphnia magna20.500.12207/571Palma, Patrícia; Palma, V.; Matos, C.; Fernandes, R.; Bohn, A.; Soares, A.; Barbosa, I.articleclosedAccess
2011Embryo-toxic effects of atrazine environmental concentrations on the crustacean Daphnia magna20.500.12207/324Palma, Patrícia; Barbosa, I.R.articleopenAccess
Sep-2009Embryo-toxic effects of environmental concentrations of chlorpyrifos on the crustacean Daphnia magna20.500.12207/503Palma, Patrícia; Palma, V.; Fernandes, R.; Bohn, A.; Soares, A.; Barbosa, I.articleclosedAccess
Sep-2009Endosulfan sulphate interferes with reproduction, embryonic development and sex differentiation in Daphnia magna20.500.12207/505Palma, Patrícia; Palma, V.; Fernandes, R.; Soares, A.; Barbosa, I.articleclosedAccess
2009Estudo de pesticidas com características de desregulação endócrina quantificados na Albufeira do Alqueva20.500.12207/733Palma, PatríciadoctoralThesisinfo:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess
Mar-2010Evaluation of surface water quality using an ecotoxicological approach: a case study of the Alqueva Reservoir (Portugal)20.500.12207/536Palma, Patrícia; Alvarenga, Paula; Palma, Vera; Matos, Cláudia; Fernandes, Rosa; Soares, Amadeu; Barbosa, IsabelarticleclosedAccess
Feb-2014Field study on the accumulation of trace elements by vegetables produced in the vicinity of abandoned pyrite mines20.500.12207/598Alvarenga, Paula; Simões, Isabel; Palma, Patrícia; Amaral, Olga; Matos, João XavierarticleclosedAccess
Aug-2013Integrated environmental assessment of freshwater sediments: a chemical and ecotoxicological approach at the Alqueva reservoir20.500.12207/534Palma, Patrícia; Ledo, L.; Soares, S.; Barbosa, I.; Alvarenga, PaulaarticleclosedAccess
Oct-2016Membranes technology used in water treatment: Chemical, microbiological and ecotoxicological analysis20.500.12207/4504Palma, Patrícia; Fialho, S.; Alvarenga, Paula; Santos, C.; Brás, T.; Palma, G.; Cavaco, C.; Gomes, R.; Neves, L. A.articleclosedAccess
Apr-2015Occurrence and potential risk of currently used pesticides in sediments of the Alqueva reservoir (Guadiana Basin)20.500.12207/4488Palma, Patrícia; Köck-Schulmeyer, M.; Alvarenga, Paula; Ledo, Lídia; Alda, M.; Barceló, D.articleinfo:eu-repo/semantics/closedAccess